Can I register at a store location for the Hypothermic Half Marathon?

Sorry, the Hypothermic Half Marathon only has online registration. It is one of our most popular events that sells out early. We do not accept registration in the stores. Registration for each location is limited so we encourage members to register early.

I registered online but I did not receive an email confirmation from Running Room.

Contact the Hypothermic Half Marathon team and we can review your registration for confirmation that you did register. We can resend an email confirmation to you. You should also ensure that you add Running Room to your safe list; we cover this in our help menu here.


Race kits are available for free in store pick-up at select Running Room locations during the Package Pickup Times. Race kits can also be mailed to the address submitted on your registration form if you pay the additional $9.99 direct to home shipping fee. The free in store pickup option will close January 31st and the direct to home shipping option will remain open until February 28th pending the event is not sold out.

I registered online but cannot see myself on the race confirmation list.

If you have selected not to be on the confirmation list during the registration process you will not appear on the confirmation list and your name will not appear on the sponsor an athlete page. Please contact our help desk at and they can review your race registration and ‘un-hide’ your name.